Between Lives Spiritual Regression

This sometimes life changing and empowering event is the next step, after having done a few regressions, in finding out more about your soul, where you’ve come from, what you’ve chosen, why you were born into your family, what your purpose is, and why you are here. (and lots more of course)

When we are not incarnated, we as souls stay in an ‘in between’ space, a space filled with love. Together, we will journey into your Life Between Lives, through your past lives and what you’ve learnt, meeting the souls you’ve worked with, finding out if you’re on track, what you may still need to work on, and reviewing the lessons in your life.

Life Between Lives is truly a miraculous way of experiencing your soul and beyond.


“I thoroughly enjoyed my LBL session. I felt very comfortable and supremely relaxed and supported. Liesl was very professional, competent and incredibly thorough. She held a really supportive and allowing space for me that enabled me to go really deep. I feel huge shifts happening in my life and yet they are almost to big to comprehend and verbalise at this stage. I am just going with the flow and allowing things to unfold. The experience of meeting my dear Soul kin on a Soul level was very profound and I was very enlightened by the experience. I really loved the experience and I would recommend Liesl as a therapist to anyone wanting an LBL with full confidence.┬áLiesl is incredibly passionate and enthusiastic about what she does and I feel that has a huge impact in the quality of the therapy.”

Thank you!!!!
Anna. South Africa”