By allowing yourself to utilize and make a stronger contribution with your unconscious mind, you can very safely bring about transformative shifts in your daily life.

Learn how to tune in to an optimal state of relaxation – a state that you are able to access every day, for example, being absorbed in a good book; driving from A to B without knowing how you got there; daydreaming; and that ‘in between’ state you experience between being awake and being asleep.

You are always completely in control of the process, after giving me permission for the session to happen, and you will work safely together with me to bring about healing, transformative shifts for yourself.

  • public speaking
  • self-esteem and self-confidence
  • hoarding
  • nail biting
  • sleep deprivation issues
  • anger management
  • sports performance
  • stress management
  • coping with exams
  • panic attacks
  • relaxation
  • living a healthy lifestyle
  • and many more…

As well as the many effective uses of Hypnosis for all of life’s challenges, I really enjoy focusing on post natal depression, sleep deprivation (for moms, dads, and everybody else), self-confidence, anger management, and confident kids. Please be aware that for most of the above issues, I will work with you over a course of sessions. In this way, your process of change in your daily life will be most effectively absorbed and integrated.


“I hope that you go on to work with a great many people in this area. Many people in South Africa could do with more enlightened practitioners of your quality and integrity helping them out in the areas of Hypnosis.”

Thank you.
Doug. London.