Inner Child Therapy

When we are children we accept everything we experience as fact. We are like sponges, soaking up life. Our belief systems are created from our unconscious mind storing these ‘facts’ and this is the foundation on which we build our lives.

Sometimes these belief systems are not good for us~ I am not good enough; Money doesn’t grow on trees; What will people think of me?; Children should be seen and not heard; I’m not worthy of being loved, and many more.

Inner child therapy takes you back to the first time you absorbed the belief. Transformative work is done by you, and you get to let go of what doesn’t belong in your unconscious mind anymore in a very gentle and safe way, that is best for you.


“I was very impressed with the Inner Child exercise you asked me to do.  I found it very helpful. I was very grateful to you for facilitating the connection to such a special place, on reflection, I feel that this doesn’t convey the magnitude of that energy, and have struggled to express my awe at this place.
I now connect with it regularly.”

Thank you Liesl.

Margaret. South Africa.