Regression Therapy


  • Do I feel stuck in my life?
  • Do I have reoccuring relationship, health, emotional problems in my life?
  • Do I feel a bubbling up or boiling feelings of anger /sadness/guilt in myself? How long have I felt this?
  • Do I have any panic attacks/phobias/fear/allergies?
  • Do I want to make a change in my life?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, I invite you to do a regression session. I will support and guide you through revisiting and transforming past life or current life memories and experiences, which may be influencing your behaviour and everyday life on an unconscious level. The benefits:

  • Energetic, psychological and psychosomatic blocks can be released.
  • Positive and transformational resolutions and a deep sense of healing can you to gain a sense of wellbeing on all levels.

How many sessions do I need?

Usually, regression therapy involves a realistically short series of 2 hour sessions with the intention to find complete resolution for a goal/issue/blockage.

What does a regression therapy session include? It may include past life or current life work (sometimes a combination of both) and involves a variety of techniques including, body therapy, hypnosis, inner child work etc.

By safely going to the source of an issue, it facilitates a very empowering growth for you. All sessions are recorded and CD or mp3 recordings of the sessions are supplied afterwards.

I am an internationally accredited and fully qualified Regression Therapist and a member of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association.